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The Managed Care Reform Council is a non-profit, non-partisan corporation committed to the restoration of quality healthcare in America through informed activism.


The Managed Care Reform Council, MCRC provides support for the managed care patient community, studies and compiles information, conducts research related to the needs and care of the medical patient in all forms of treatment, their families, caregivers or the bereaved.

We believe that it is the responsibility of each and every person to know all that is possible about their medical diagnoses, care choices and all possible treatments, therapies and medications. It is also the responsibility of every parent, caregiver or person legally and morally responsible for another person's medical care to know all that is possible about their medical diagnoses, care choices and all possible treatments, therapies and medications. Because in today's medical world, you do not know if the provided medical care being suggested or received is for the patient's well being or for a physician's personal gain or is for an HMO to save more money at your expense.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you do everything possible to make sure and insure, that whoever the patient is that they receive truly necessary, adequate, useful medical care and treatment for their own personal health and survival.

Nothing less than educated, informed activism on the part of the legally responsible person is acceptable today.

MCRC is incorporated as a California Public Benefit Non-profit Corporation and contributions are tax deductible under IRS 501(c)(3).
Federal Identification Number: 42-1602037
We are all Volunteer workers. Not one person receives a salary in our organization. We do not accept nor suggest kickbacks for any suggested referrals. We do accept donations but only if it will not strain the donor's finances.

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The Disabled Children's Village - A guide for community health workers,
rehabilitation workers, and families
By David Werner

Now that the CA Suicide law has been finalized by Governor Brown after little publicity, there is now much publicity.  Well - here is what the founder of the movement had to say about it all:  

Derek Humphry,  cofounder of the Hemlock Society, now renamed Compassion and Choices,  claimed "that money is the "unspoken argument" in favor of legalizing assisted suicide. Specifically, in his" book "Freedom to Die, co-authored with Mary Clement, the authors write that "the hastened demise of people with only a short time to left would free resources for others," an amount they predict could run into the "hundreds of billions of dollars." Moreover, the authors claim that "economic necessity" is the ultimate force driving the assisted-suicide movement, to the point that it "is the main answer to the question [about legalizing PAS], 'Why Now?'""

"Logic is certainly on their side. With the advent of managed care, profits in health care increasingly come from cutting costs. With assisted suicides costing such little money, what "treatment" could be more cost effective than assisted suicide? And since it is a well-known human failing that our values often follow our pocketbooks, ignoring the significant financial stakes involved in the assisted-suicide debate is to overlook a crucial part of the story." by Wesley Smith of The Discovery Institute. - Doctors of Death:

Scholl Institute of Bioethics

Los Angeles Times Database of
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